Zacharias I of Makuria Net Worth

Biography of Zacharias I of Makuria, which include net worth and salary earnings in 2018. Zacharias I of Makuria measurments such as age, height and weight information. Zacharias I of Makuria wiki include ethnicity, nationality, education, award achievements. Complite Zacharias I of Makuria family information like children, siblings, wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend. Zacharias I of Makuria net worth and biography info was updated in 2018.

Zacharias I of Makuria Net Worth is
$16 Million

Zacharias I of Makuria Biography

Zacharias I (c. 722) was a ruler of the Nubian kingdom of Makuria. According to Severus of El Ashmunein, Zacharias was the son of his predecessor, Merkurios. Severus gives the impression that his reign was brief, for he states that "Zacharias did not choose to become king, but occupied himself with the word of God and the salvation of his soul" and appointed as king "a kinsman of his named Simon". When Simon died, Zacharias then appointed Abraham to replace him, and later deposed Abraham and replaced him with Markos. Severus does not mention Zacharias in his account of how Kyriakos became king, so Zacharias may have died before that occasion.


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