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$16 Million

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Paul Robertshaw is a British legal academic. He retired in 2005.


Robertshaw became a solicitor in 1962 and obtained his MA at the University of Kent in 1969 and doctorate in 1989 at the University of Wales. Since 1964 until his retirement, he held several teaching positions at the Northumbria University (while it was Newcastle Polytechnic), University of Hull and lastly the University of Cardiff.

Selected publications

Although Robertshaw produced articles in traditional analysis, they were secondary to his main research interests. He was enlightened by the North American school of jurisprudence of the 1930s, known as Legal Realism. He was also influenced by the post-WWII structural anthropology of Lévi-Strauss in France and Leach in England. Furthermore, he performed empiricist, statistical studies confined to criminal process issues, in particular during 1991-2003. In the concluding years of his career, influenced by Bernard Jackson at Liverpool on legal linguistics and Ottmar Ballweg and Katarina Sobota at Mainz on legal rhetoric, he developed a structuralist rhetoric, touching on genre and narrative theory, beyond their immediate legal focus.


Rethinking legal Need –the case of criminal justice (1991) Dartmouth, Aldershot Jury and Judge –the Crown Court in action (1995) Dartmouth, Aldershot Summary Justice –judges address juries (1998) Cassells, London


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