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Biography of Gim Myeong-hui, which include net worth and salary earnings in 2018. Gim Myeong-hui measurments such as age, height and weight information. Gim Myeong-hui wiki include ethnicity, nationality, education, award achievements. Complite Gim Myeong-hui family information like children, siblings, wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend. Gim Myeong-hui net worth and biography info was updated in 2018.

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Gim Myeong-hui Quick Facts

Gim Myeong-hui
Hangul 김명희
Hanja 金命喜
Revised Romanization Gim Myeonghui
McCune-Reischauer Kim Myŏnghŭi
Pen name
Hangul 산천
Hanja 山泉
Revised Romanization Sancheon
McCune-Reischauer Sanch'ŏn
Courtesy name
Hangul 성원
Hanja 性源
Revised Romanization Seong-won
McCune-Reischauer Sŏng'wŏn

Gim Myeong-hui Biography

Gim Myeong-hui (1788-?), also known as Kim Myeong-hui, was a calligrapher of the late Joseon Dynasty. He was born into a yangban family of the Gyeongju Gim lineage, the son of Gim No-gyeong. He passed the jinsa literary examination in 1810, and entered government service. However, he never rose above the rank of hyeon magistrate. Accompanying his father on a mission to the Qing Dynasty court in 1822, he struck up correspondences with leading Chinese calligraphers of the time, including Liu Xihai (zh:劉喜海). Gim's elder brother Gim Jeong-hui was also known for his calligraphy.


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