Georges Guillez Net Worth

Biography of Georges Guillez, which include net worth and salary earnings in 2018. Georges Guillez measurments such as age, height and weight information. Georges Guillez wiki include ethnicity, nationality, education, award achievements. Complite Georges Guillez family information like children, siblings, wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend. Georges Guillez net worth and biography info was updated in 2018.

Georges Guillez Net Worth is
$7 Million

Georges Guillez Quick Facts

Georges Guillez
Personal information
Nationality French
Born (1909-09-03)3 September 1909
Sport Sprinting
Event(s) 4 ח 400 metres relay

Georges Guillez Biography

Georges Guillez (born 3 September 1909, date of death unknown) was a French sprinter. He competed in the men's 4 × 400 metres relay at the 1936 Summer Olympics.

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