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DJ 3D Quick Facts

Birth name William Andre Bagley
Born (1969-06-07) June 7, 1969 (age 48)
Brooklyn, New York
Occupation(s) DJ, producer

DJ 3D Biography

DJ 3D (born William Andre Bagley, June 7, 1969, in East New York, Brooklyn, New York), is an American hip hop, house producer and DJ.


From an early age, DJ 3D was inspired by the sounds and techniques of legendary New York City artists such as DJ Red Alert, Marley Marl, Shep Pettibone, Chuck Chillout and Tony Humphries. He started experimenting with turntablism in 1986 and has been dedicated to the art ever since. DJ 3D is known for his unique sound/style, which is a combination of house, hip hop, rare groove and R&B classics. DJ 3D originally went by the moniker Doc Dre, a combination of a nickname given by friends and his middle name Andre. To avoid confusion with west coast rapper Dr. Dre, he changed the name to Devastatin’ Doc Dre, which was subsequently shorted to ‘3D.’ Growing up in East New York, DJ 3D played ball and hung out with other musically inclined peers in Highland Park. Along with DJ PF Cuttin of Blahzay Blahzay, they put together small parties in the park where local MCs would come through and rhyme. Amongst the notable peers included Jeru the Damaja, Afu-Ra, Out Loud, Masta Killa, and Guru.


DJ 3D first broke out into the New York music scene in 1990, when he started collaborations with famed freestyle music producer Carlos Berrios. Berrios was looking for inspiration to evolve the urban Latin sound, and DJ 3D helped to infuse Berrios’ productions with a flavor of ‘hip hop.’ The resulting sound was a blend of drum samples, break-beats and rare 70’s tunes that defined the sound standard for the freestyle genre. DJ 3D went on to partner with producer Dean Landew, owner of Dance Baby Records and Rap Baby Records. Together under the name King of Beats, they released several notable music projects including the record “Burn,” which won the duo a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year in 1992. In 2005, DJ 3D and DJ A.Vee scored music for the documentary film TATs CRU - The Mural Kings. The music brought the 60-minute feature to life and allowed it to become a true work of art. DJ 3D is currently a resident DJ at APT nightclub in New York City, as a part of The Ill Out Party with Prince Paul and DJ A.Vee, bringing non-commercial hip-hop live to the masses. DJ 3D is also a resident DJ on WBAI radio show Underground Railroad, the longest running hip-hop radio show in NYC history (which began in 1999).

Muzikman Edition

Since 2007, DJ 3D has been releasing house music mixes under the moniker Muzikman Edition. His creations breathe new life into R&B classics and morph hip-hop beats into danceable, modernized house tracks.

Exemplary Music Makerz

In January 2010, DJ 3D launched his record label Exemplary Music Makerz (EMM)

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