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A-fu Net Worth is
$19 Million

A-fu Quick Facts

A-fu at HitFM 這夏樂翻了 Summer Party in August 2013
Background information
Chinese name鄧福如 (traditional)
Chinese name邓福如 (simplified)
PinyinDרng F׺r׺ (Mandarin)
Birth nameTeng Fu-ju
Born(1987-06-20) 20 June 1987 (age 30)
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Other name(s)A-fu Teng, Deng Furu
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • Mandopop
  • indie pop
  • R&B
Label(s)Forward Music
Years active2007-present
Associated actsLazy Bomb
Alma materShih Hsin University

A-fu Biography

Teng Fu-ju (traditional Chinese: 鄧福如; simplified Chinese: 邓福如; pinyin: Dèng Fúrú; born 20 June 1987), known by her stage name A-fu (Chinese: 阿福; pinyin: Ā fú), is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter. Prior to her solo debut in the music scene, A-fu was a member of Lazy Bomb, an indie band, and a demo singer. She is known for her cover version of "Nothin' on You" by B.o.B and Bruno Mars, which drew wide attention on YouTube in 2010. In May 2011, A-fu released her debut studio album, That's How It Is, for which she received a nomination for Best New Artist at the 23rd Golden Melody Awards.

Early life

Born in Hsinchu City on 20 June 1987, A-fu grew up in the countryside in Xiangshan District and in Changhua County. Both her parents run a rental car business together, and as they were often busy with work when she was young, A-fu and her elder sister, Hsing Ju, spent much of their childhood under the care of their aunt. Despite this, A-fu still maintains a close relationship with her mother and grew up influenced by her mother's love for music, in particular songs by Teresa Teng. At a young age, A-fu entered in singing and recitation competitions. Also, at her mother's request, she learned the standard Mandarin enunciation by watching the Taiwanese educational programme The Daily Characters (每日一字) hosted by news presenter Lee Yen-chiu, which perhaps, has shaped her distinctive vocals, in a way. She attended Kuang-Fu High School, a comprehensive high school in Hsinchu, and graduated from Shih Hsin University with a degree in public relations and advertising in 2010.


During her college years, A-fu was the lead singer of an indie band called Lazy Bomb. The band released a self-titled EP in November 2007 and disbanded shortly after. Around this time, A-fu met music producer AL (何官錠), who is also a member and keyboard player of the pop rock band Six Plus (六甲樂團). She started collaborating with AL as a demo singer. The first demo which she recorded, titled "Sheng Sheng Man" (聲聲慢), was chosen as the ending theme song for the first season of the Chinese TV series Justice Bao. The Zhong guo feng music style of the song, coupled with A-fu's crystal-clear voice and diction, generated considerable buzz among the Chinese netizens. Soon after, A-fu's singing caught the attention of veteran host Chang Hsiao-yen, who later signed A-fu to her record label Forward Music. While awaiting the release of her debut album, A-fu garnered media attention after uploading her first video on YouTube in September 2010, her cover version of B.o.B and Bruno Mars's "Nothin' on You", which had racked up more than a million views within a week. She followed with more covers of popular hits, which includes "Bizarre Love Triangle", "Qing Hua Ci" (青花瓷) by Jay Chou, Bruno Mars's "Just the Way You Are" and so forth. In December 2010, A-fu was featured as a backup singer during Stella Chang's comeback concert in Taiwan. A-fu's debut album, That's How It Is, was released on 27 May 2011 and features a studio version of "Sheng Sheng Man" and her cover of "Nothin' on You". The album sold more than 25,000 copies in Taiwan within a month of its release. To further promote the album, A-fu performed a sold-out show at the Riverside Live House in Taipei on 25 June 2011, with Van Fan appearing as guest performer. On 3 July 2011, A-fu made a guest appearance at Jam Hsiao's mini-concert at Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf, performing "Just the Way You Are" and "Wei Tian Ci" (未填詞). In 2012, A-fu was nominated for Best New Artist at the 23rd Golden Melody Awards but lost to Ilid Kaolo. Her next release, an extended play titled Happiness Is Around Us, was released on 7 March 2012. The second single off of the album, "Where Is The Love?", a self-composed track, was featured as an insert song in the drama series Big Red Riding Hood. On 7 June 2013, A-fu released her second studio album, Sky Island, which debuted at number one on the Five Music Mandarin Album sales chart. It includes the track "Rang Wo Ai Shang Wo" (讓我愛上我) from the soundtrack album for the film Step Back to Glory (志氣). In May of that year, A-fu performed "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" at Teresa Teng's memorial concert at Taipei Arena. Her third studio album, Own Categories, was released on 19 June 2015. It features a duet, "Stop At The Crossing Ahead" (前面路口停), with Xiao Yu.

Personal life

In January 2016, it was revealed that A-fu and blogger How How are in a relationship.


Studio albums

Album# English title Mandarin title Release date Track listing Label 1st That's How It Is 原來如此!! 27 May 2011 Track listing  未填詞 (Wèi tián cí) 如果有如果 (Rú guǒ yǒu rú guǒ) 一點點喜歡 (feat. Suffa受罪) (Yì diǎn diǎn xǐ huan) 你好嗎 天氣好嗎 (Nǐ hǎo mǎ tiān qì hǎo mǎ) 聲聲慢 (Shēng shēng màn) 星空戀曲 (Xīng kōng liàn qū)  許你向我看 (feat. Huang Lei) (Xǔ nǐ xiàng wǒ kàn) 福爾摩斯 (Fú ěr mó sī)  起飛 (Qǐ fēi) Let Go   Nothing On You Forward Music 2nd Sky Island 天空島 7 June 2013 Track listing  無限度自由 (Wú xiàn dù zì yóu) 完美情人 (Wán měi qíng rén) 天使 (Tiān shǐ)  Me & U   良人 (Liáng rén)  Star   越來越愛 (Yuè lái yuè ài)  不要放棄 (Bú yào fàng qì) Fantasy Paradise   讓我愛上我 (Ràng wǒ ài shàng wǒ) Forward Music 3rd Own Categories 自成一派 19 June 2015 Track listing  Refresh 自成一派 (Zì chéng yī pài) 前面路口停 (feat. Xiao Yu) (Qián miàn lù kǒu tíng) 鄧大福是一隻貓 (Dèng dà fú shì yì zhī māo) 輸給時間 (Shū gěi shí jiān) 黑羊 (Hēi yáng) Survive 數羊 (Shǔ yáng) 藍色是最溫暖的顏色 (Lán sè shì zuì wēn nuǎn de yán sè) 超級豬頭 (Chāo jí zhū tóu) 女兒心如水 (Nǚ ér xīn rú shuǐ) Forward Music

Extended play

Album# English title Mandarin title Release date Track listing Label 1st Happiness Is Around Us 你好,哈波尼斯 7 March 2012 Track listing  All Happy Where Is The Love? Track 3 (interlude) Thank You (Demo Version) Forward Music

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nomination Result Ref 2011 Hong Kong TVB JSG Selections 2011 (Part 2) Most Popular Mandarin Song "未填詞" Won Yahoo! Taiwan Celebrity Awards Most Popular New Artiste N/A Won Hong Kong TVB8 Awards Best New Artiste (silver) N/A Won Best Music Composition "如果有如果" Won One FM Top 30 Awards Top 30 Hits "如果有如果" Won Top 10 Album That's How It Is Won Singapore Hit Awards Best New Artiste N/A Nominated Most Popular Newcomer N/A Nominated 2012 23rd Golden Melody Awards Best New Artist N/A Nominated Canadian Chinese Pop Music Awards Mandarin New Female Artiste Award N/A Won Top 10 Mandarin songs "一點點喜歡" Won KKBOX Newcomer of the Year N/A Won Music Radio Awards Most Potential New Artiste (Hong Kong / Taiwan) N/A Won Most Popular New Artiste (Hong Kong / Taiwan) N/A Nominated Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards Popular Idol Award N/A Won Singer-songwriter Award N/A Won Books 博客來 Top-selling album of the year (9th) That's How It Is Won 2013 Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards Songs of the Year "Me & U" Won Best Female Artiste N/A Won

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