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$14 Million


_9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9, sometimes abbreviated to 9M9H9E9, is the screen name of an anonymous writer of creepypasta speculative fiction on the social news website Reddit.


Since 22 April 2016, the writer has been posting a science fiction horror story in short installments to apparently random Reddit discussion threads. The story, sometimes referred to by others as the Interface series, touches on such topics as "Vietnam, Elizabeth Bathory, the Treblinka concentration camp, humpback whales, the Manson Family and LSD", and particularly involves something called "flesh interfaces". The story attracted media notice the day after its first parts were published. The Guardian, reporting on the story, described it as "compelling" and "gradually more beautifully and boldly written from multiple narrative perspectives". Vice mentioned the possibility of the whole thing being part of a viral marketing campaign for something yet unknown. An impromptu fandom collects information about the story in a subreddit and wiki.


In a later deleted post, the writer described himself as a "30-something American male", and indicated a history of substance abuse. However, this post also incorporated fictional elements of the story. A BBC article also reported that the author said he is "male, in his thirties, lives in the United States, works as a freelance translator and was once a heavy user of LSD." The author told Gizmodo that "I live in a home for men and work a little to make ends meet."

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